B2C Osaka Umeda Raffine-Kobe gem-TorWest
Hair style to choose freely!
I will provide a variety of wig.
Wig midi
Wig Long Hair


Long Hair 8650 Jpy
Medium Hair 7200 Jpy
Short Hair 5980 Jpy

Wig-Cut Price

All-cut 2980 Jpy Bangs 1080 Jpy

All Tax included
B2C,Raffine and gem's Wig

Original Wig Cut tailored to customers can be simultaneously.
Hair Style division at all levels, all named + Cut price is 2980 Jpy,
Color variations total of 9.
Natural color, then the day will be able to Complete.
There Long Hair, Medium Hair, Short Hair Wig, three types Wig and Cut to create a fit with his Wig. According to your mood,
Change every day Hair Style.