gem-Motomachi,TorWest Hair Salon
Open  11:00~20:30 (LastOrder 19:30)
Timetable / Map(Motomachi Station On foot 4 min.)
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#Monday regular holiday
About gem
gem-Motomachi,TorWest store, curly straighten guests come again rate is particularly high, and many repeat customers. All technicians are very strong, straighten your good choice. The male curls straightened the same popularity。

Do not go well with
Hair styling are also welcome
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#Hair Make by Kana Usaki
Want to get volume. Care and styling is weak. Perm does not sustain. If you want to 3D-Carl. Failed to perm in past.

HeadSpa: Taking a visitor's scalp and the state of hair into consideration 5 Causses, I prepared.

You can use Wifi
A beautician
does not smoke
gem Kobe Tor West Just 4 minutes walk from Motomachi Station or Sannomiya Station.
  • Energy is full! A motto is doing the best.
  • Casuals, feminineness, a natural, and Men's are elated
  • Make an effort to hold down the damage of hair to the minimum.
  • Frizzled hair reform is confident.
  • We are popular among a male and a woman. The customer
    of Men's is about 50 percent.
  • A student's support is high. A student discount is prepared.
  • both JR Motomachi Station JR Motomachi Station
    Hankyu Motomachi Station and Hanshin Motomachi Station
    although It is near!

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