• This month's hair style
  • Raffine-Kobe
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    Only nail guests are welcome! We can hair and nail at the same time.
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    The shampoo is your stretch of legs so you relax.
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    Do facial beauty care when in one person room.
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    Makeup, wear kimono we can be.

Raffine-Kobe Hair Salon
Open  10:30~20:00 (LastOrder 19:00)
SatSun 10:00~19:30 (LastOrder 18:30)
Map(Sannomiya Station On foot 4 min.)
Reservation system
#Monday regular holiday
Nail Nail Extension
Gel nail makes nail fascinating.
It can do together with a
permanent or coloring to
the same timing.
Raffine-Kobe's GelNail
You dont feel of incongruity.
Because the connection part of
extension and your hair is small
A usual hair set is also easy.
Raffine-Kobe's Extention
The head spa of Raffine
is proud of high popularity.
You will get the highest pleasant
sensation. Blood circulation
promotion and scalp.
Facial massage is recommended.
Whitening and a lift rise
should be able to realize
you immediately.

We make the male customer the hairstyle which matches well. Raffine-Kobe
A female customer is femininely made Charming and Cute. Raffine-Kobe

Cosme Hot perm
A cosme hot perm is a shape storage permanent wave made from the medicine of the low stimulation. Because the set is easy, the time that every morning maintains can be greatly shortened. It lasts long terribly. It is a permanent wave technology with a new elastic sense.
Raffine's Hair
Raffine is open only female hairdresser. She specializes in
fine hair-cutting technique tailored for the guests the
most suitable hairstyle. They are lovely casual ladys.
Eyelush facial photo
Credit card.
You can use Credit card.

insta Instagram/@raffine_kobe

In the Raffine,
You can use Wifi
iPad,iPhone,iPod touch
A beautician does not smoke, either.
  • Raffine is a kawaii hair salon.
  • Except for a supervisor, all the members are a female beautician.
  • There are many a student's customers.
  • A male customer is 30% of the whole.
  • We have big confidence in
  • the technology of Natural hair relaxer
    and a permanent wave.
  • A head spa will relieve your tiredness.