It should only care for the scalp. It doesn't suffice only by caring for the hair.

The future of the hair changes if the head spa of done every month.
The hair treatment is effective in the hair that has grown now. However, the head spa is effective in the hair that will grow in the future.
Root of hair

It is necessary to solve 3 three problems!
Details of pore To make the hair, the root of hair burns nourishment in blood by using oxygen.

1.Let's solve it. 'Circulation of the blood deteriorates
The massage is effective in the circulation of blood.
From heart As for the scalp, circulation of the blood deteriorates easily. to it is because there is a distance.
The circulation of blood will worsen if nothing is done.
It is necessary to do the massage that delays the process of growing old.

Leather fat The horny plug cannot be removed by a general shampoo method. Under such a condition, the root of hair is not respirable.

2.Let's solve it. 'Pores are blocked and oxygen doesn't pass.'
The garbage of pores is contained in the shampoo, the Hair mousse,Hair wax and shampoo.'
Garbage remains in the scalp though the hair becomes glossy.'
Pores extend when garbage is blocked in pores,the fact weakens pores. '
Cause1 Oil and the wax contained in the hair articles are blocked in pores.
Cause2 Oil and the wax contained in the shampoo are blocked in pores.

Foreign substanceThe sebum that accumulates so that pores are deep cannot be removed only by washing with a usual shampoo.
Moreover, making extra dust remain results.

Cheap shampoo The chemosyntheses polymer remains to often do the touch of the hair. In addition, polymer remains in the scalp. It damages the surface of the skin.
Even an expensive shampoocThe oil of nature remains in the hair. In addition, the oil of nature remains in the scalp. However, oil is unnecessary in the scalp. Because it becomes obstructive for working of the root of hair.
A lot of oil is contained in food like snacks and the deep-frying thing, etc.It blots from the interior of pores and goes out.
The professional rakes them out by the technique of the Head spa.
The horny plug and the dust of pores are removed by using a special shampoo and the technique.
In addition, circulation of the blood improves, too.

3.Let's solve it. 'The female hormone is lack.#Hair Restoration course
The number of female hormones decreases when growing old regardless of sex. The body hair thickens when the number of female hormones decreases, and the hair thins.
The shampoo of making specially of the use includes "Peony extract" voluminously. Because "Peony extract" and the female hormone have power to look like well.

It is a method for the achievement of the effect of the ideal.
Let's regularly do the head spa in the shop.
Let's do possible oneself maintenance at home every day.
Maintenance for the hair that will grow in the future is "Head spa".
It is "Head spa" to remove the stress.