Gel nail is glossy and lasts long.
Furthermore, it protects a nail.
Since Gel Nail is durable, it is suitable
also for those who do kitchenwork.

B2C-Gel Nail
# Long-lasting nails are amazing! It will last about a month.
# Gel will prevent cracking and reinforced thin nails.
# UV light curing is required drying time, it is faster than polish nail.
# We use to peel gel a special solution, so not-damaging original nails.
# When you want to extend the nails, it will be strengthened by gel.
B2C Osaka Umeda 06-6361-5666 / Raffine-Kobe 078-333-1120

Gel Nail .53
Gel Nail.53
6400 Jpy
French ,Point Lame,hologram
Gel Nail .52
Gel Nail.52
5800 Jpy
white Color Gel Adult taste .
Gel Nail .50

Gel Nail.50
="7006000 Jpy"
French ,Point Lamehologram
Gel Nail .49
Gel Nail49
7300 Jpy
white Color Gel Adult taste Nail
Gel Nail .48
Gel Nail.48
7300 Jpy
French arranged Nail
Gel Nail .47
Gel Nail.47
7300 Jpy
帅!Adult taste Gel Nail
Gel Nail .46
Gel Nail.46
6300 Jpy
Peacock Gel
Gel Nail .45
Gel Nail.45
6300 Jpy
Contracted Gel Nail
Gel Nail .44
Gel Nail.44
6400 Jpy
Point ,Pressed flower hologram
Gel Nail .43
Gel Nail.43
Contrary French Nail
Gel Nail .51
Gel Nail.51
6100 Jpy
Clear Gel basis
Wedding Nail
Gel Nail .41
Gel Nail.41
7300 Jpy
Cute! Hologram
Gel Nail .38
Gel Nail 38
4400 Jpy
Good feeling Color
Gel Nail .36
Gel Nail.36
8300 Jpy
Adult taste Gel Nail
Gel Nail .35
Gel Nail.35
5800 Jpy
Popular,Pearl color,and Lame
Gel Nail .32
Gel Nail.32
7300 Jpy
Color grid pattern Gel
Gel Nail .30
Gel Nail.30
5400 Jpy
Point Popular Pressed flowerGel
Gel Nail .29
Gel Nail.29
7300 Jpy
French Nail Point use.
Gel Nail .28
Gel Nail.28
6100 Jpy
Lame Extravagant.
Gel Nail .15
Gel Nail.15
Clear Gel ,Increase in gloss
Gel Nail .26
Gel Nail 26
4400 Jpy
Point 1piece Gel
Gel Nail .25
Gel Nail.25
8400 Jpy
Wedding Nail
Gel Nail .20
Gel Nail.20
7300 Jpy
French Nail
Gel Nail .16
Gel Nail.16
3800 Jpy
Color Gel ,Glossy Nail
Gel Nail .6
Gel Nail.6
5300 Jpy
Classic French
Gel Nail .5
Gel Nail.5
7300 Jpy
Nail French
Gel Nail B2C&Raffine,Osaka and Kobe
B2C Osaka:06-6361-5666/RaffineKobe:078-333-1120

Clear Gel Nail (10piece) 3400 Jpy (Nisihmori + 1000 Jpy addition)

*Clear Gel Nail

Color Gel Nail (10piece) 3900 Jpy (Nisihmori + 1000 Jpy addition)

*40 colors, Gel Nail

Gel Nail Repair (10piece) 3100 Jpy (Nisihmori + 1000 Jpy addition)

Art Nail (10piece) 2100 Jpy*Hologram,Lame,jewelry
French Nail etc,Whenever it adds 1 color 200 Jpy
Pedicure Clear Gel (10piece) 4400 Jpy
Pedicure Color Gel (10piece) 4800 Jpy

#Peacock (1piece) Addition 250 Jpy , #Pressed flower 1piece 150 Jpy
#Paraffin pack 1100 Jpy
#Nail Care 10piece 3100 Jpy , #Repair of the crack a nail 1piece 410 Jpy
#Soft Gel Off 1piece 310 Jpy , #Hard Gel Off 1piece 410 Jpy
All Tax included  #Calculation