Kobe Sannomiya ,Osaka Umeda B2C
B2C Osaka Umeda gem-TorWest Raffine-Kobe

Wig cut at Osaka Umeda ,Kobe Sannomiya,Cut makes Hair Style.

I will cut it so that the customer looks good with the wig on. Change the hair of the day according to your mood ♪
Bringing wigs purchased from other stores is welcome. Fashionable wigs, medical wigs and men's wigs are welcome.

Wig Price

For medical use or thin use 4300 Jpy
For cosplay 5400 Jpy
Only bangs 1100 Jpy
The wig cuts of B2C Umeda, Raffine Sannomiya and gem Motomachi have been cut to be a much better original wig by customers. We accept medical wigs, men's wigs, wigs bought in play, human hair and nylon. *Price

Wigcut Q,A

Q: Can wigs be wound with a trowel?
A: It depends on the type of wig. If you use human hair or heat-resistant fiber, you can wind it. How to wind Since there is a point, the staff will explain when you visit.
Q: Will the waves wound in the set return to the original when washed?
A: In the case of human hair, return to the original, and in the case of chemical fiber, it depends on the type. * Although we will cut according to the customer, even if you do not like it, you can not refund or pay for the wig.