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Natural Hair Relaxer

Natural Hair Relaxer Osaka Umeda Kobe Sannomiya

bob before →
The bangs are beautiful, and the shape of the head changes from a quadrangle to an ellipse.
Long hairNatural Hair Relaxer Long hairNatural Hair Relaxerbefore →
The shape of the top of the head becomes beautiful and the volume of the hair is reduced.
around40's Natural Hair Relaxer around40's Natural Hair Relaxerbefore →
Gray hair dyed in forty years old will also be beautiful straight hair. So she looks younger.
Mens Natural Hair Relaxer Mens Natural Hair Relaxerbefore →
Men's short hair needs naturaly straight hair. That's why the custmer entrust us.
Child Natural Hair Relaxer Child Natural Hair Relaxerbefore →
Children who care about hair curls can also do safe Natural Hair Relaxer
Damage hair Damage hair before →
Our pursuit of perfection can take even a long time. We will carry out our responsibilities.

Non-alkaline Natural Hair Relaxer

What are the benefits of Non-alkaline Natural Hair Relaxer?

The technology was completed in 2015 and has since been improved and improved. Now it can handle not only almost all the curls, but even the damaged hair can get good results. Since the alkali which dissolves the hair is not used, the damage is greatly reduced. By blending the ratio and concentration of Spiera and GMT depending on the quality and condition of the hair, the natural elasticity of the hair is not lost, so you can experience a more natural and shiny ion burn. By sharing the techniques of gem Motomachi, Raffine Sannomiya and B2C Umeda, it is possible to achieve the best results by straightening the Non-alkaline Natural Hair Relaxer.
Price (Tax included)
16500Jpy~24100Jpy(CutDry not include)
College 500 Jpy off Student1000Jpy off
College 500off High school below 1000off
※Price details
PRICE(tax included) Volume S Volume M Volume L Volume LL
Short little 16500 17700 18900 20100
Short regular 17500 18700 19900 21100
Short hard 18500 19700 20900 22100
medium little 17500 18700 19900 21100
medium regular 18500 19700 20900 22100
medium hard 19500 20700 21900 23100
Long little 18500 19700 20900 22100
Long regular 19500 20700 21900 23100
Long hard 20500 21700 22900 24100
As long as the root is less than 5cm, 1000Jpy off

Partial(tax included) Price Details (Automatic)
bangsBangs Ion hot 1 bangs + head top + near outline bangs5
Close to outline + bangs ion hotBangs Natural Hair Relaxer2 around Faceline (thin) Bangs Natural Hair Relaxer6
Top of the headBangs 离子Hot 3 around Faceline (thick)Bangs Natural Hair Relaxer7
Bangs + Head TopBangs Natural Hair Relaxer4 1/47980
8800 1/210800
Long hair Natural Hair Relaxer Long hair Natural Hair Relaxerbefore →
For bangs and head top
Make a bangs direction and make a round on top of the head
Short Hair Part Natural Hair Relaxer Short Hair Part Natural Hair Relaxerbefore →
For Short hair
Root of the hair must stand because it is short hair