Kobe Sannomiya ,Osaka Umeda B2C
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Wet and dry cut

Wet and Dry Cut

Price (Tax included)
5300 Jpy(Include ,wash +dry Hair)
College 500off Student1000off
Each person in charge different prices
※B2C-Price / ※Raffine-Price / ※gem-Price

Cut hair makes hair look soft

Even if your hair is very hard, it will make your hair cut like a soft one. Hair styling is easy. Hair can also be irregular

Bob Short Bob

Using our technique is "Stroke cut" to cut the non-linear bob of the hair

Soft long hair style

The unique hair cutting technique "Dry stroke" can reduce long hair. Please feel relieved even if you have a lot of hair.

Just apply waxing

Feel that you can easily shape the beam. Our technique is to cut hair for men's hairstyles is cool.