Kobe Sannomiya ,Osaka Umeda B2C
B2C Osaka Umeda gem-TorWest Raffine-Kobe
Hair dye

Long-lasting,less damage hair dyes, for you

Natural tone-Color(under 12 tone Hair dye),High tone-Color(over 13 tone Hair dye) Hair dye
Price (Tax included)
#1touch 4960 Jpy~6180 Jpy
#2touch 6000 Jpy~7210 Jpy
#3D-Color 8060 Jpy~9270 Jpy
#12 levels exceeding 12350 Jpy
#High Tone Retouch9270 Jpy
#Henna 5400 Jpy~7540 Jpy
College 500 Jpy off/ High-school1000 Jpy off
Natural Hair dye

Natural Hair dye

It is a technique for dyeing it with two kinds of color medicines of the root and the hair end.
High-Tone Hair dye

High Tone Hair dye

Bright hair coloring exceeding 12 levels. It is a menu of a special color.
at Hair Color

3D Hair Color (foil-Technique)

How that uses'BALAYAGE'and'WEAVING' to dye it. It is B2C and good technique.