Cosme-Hot Perm
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Cosme-Hot Perm

Cosme-Hot Perm

  • point1 Minimum damage of hair. my1

    • Natural curly hair

      Elasticity can be reproduced. And, dynamism can be reproduced.
      Happy voice of experience person have received a lot.
      Features is Touch good and styling is simple. also perm is persist .
      Care of every morning is easy. Because it is not necessary to almost nothing.
      Styling is completed just wait for hair to dry.
      Compared to the other perm, why do so much different! ?
      ※ Rod for perm is a lightweight type that floats on water. So kind to hair and scalp.

  • point2 Perm in 'Supiera'is be resilient. my2

    • Drugs used in cosmetics hot perm, digital perm different from normal.
      New ingredient that does not denature the hair is "Supiera".
      It does not soften the hair, to penetrate the cuticle remains closed.
      So organization of hair is not destroyed by the alkali.
      Supiera is cosmetics approval,and less irritating to the scalp and hair.
      On the same day the hair dyeing is no problem.
      Pain of the finished hair is less.
  • point3 Styling is very simple. my3

    • Most hair-style does not need the technique.
      You do not need to use the curling irons and hot curlers.
      Because only dry the hair. just to dry naturally is okay.
      I want to recommend to person who does not like a care and failed in other perm.
  • point4 It's perm, long-lasting. my4

    • Spiera

      "Supiera-digital"has both the advantages of permanent cosmetics and creep perm,Digital Perm.
      Sustained outstandingly good, damage is of much less.
      So it is persisted for several months, unlike normal perm.
      I think cilia can not be satisfied with other perm.
      Please try to experience the hot perm cosmetics by all means.
      You will be amazed as compared with the perm until now.
      Number of perm is reduced, damage will be further reduced.
      Drug to be used is Supiera of "Cosmetic authorization".

  • point3 Styling is very simple. my5

    • When drying the hair, it is not necessary to use a hair styling products.
      Please use your favorite hair styling products.
      But it is all right even if do not use a hair styling agent.
      Staff does not compel the purchase of the product.
  • Want to get volume.
  • Care and styling is weak.
  • Perm does not sustain.
  • If you want to 3D-Carl.
  • Failed to perm in past.

Long Hair|Cute
Long Hair|Natural curly hair
PRICE Tax included
Cosme-Hot Perm/11340 Jpy
(Short 10340 Jpy) Not included Cut

College 500 Jpy off Student 1000 Jpy off

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