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Extension Feature

1. Hight Quality of Extension
Hair extension is using a human hair. (Using the hybrid mix hair by color)
Because it is human hair, there is variation in the quality or state.
But, good hair quality is still trading at a high price.
B2C has purchase by selecting a high-quality hair among them.
The color variations of the stock has abundance.
If you do not see is just right color, you can to mix the finely extension of more than one, to formulate the color. Extension色板
The color of the extension to be prepared in the B2C

2. Technique unbreakable
Extension of B2C will stick to the "braided".
The weave is called the SS (Slim & Strong), I feel that it looks a little knitting four.
Mesh structure that tightened further on hairdresser one person knit rugged, power pulling is applied.
So last a long time, and is also a joint is cute.
If out within two months after , I will rework.

Joint is small 3. Joint is small
This one is one very thin extension of B2C!
That ... Why reason
1. you do not feel the pain. There is no discomfort when you go to bed.
2. hairstyle nature!
3. knitting joint is clean and not smelly.
4. The size of knitting joint, a width,about 10mm, a diameter,about 3mm.
It is beautiful dense like a craft like.
Criteria of price is 'weight the extension' instead of 'number the extension' .

4. Cut Technique
Extension is complete, then cut is important.
So as not to unnatural hair style, cut carefully by the day and a bunch extension.
That's why, you'll enjoy a nice hairstyle.

5. Hair Style
B2C'sHair Style using extension Variation of hair style using extension is rich. Possibility of hair style is infinite and if I use the extension.

  • The hair is lengthenend.
  • Change the hairstyle
  • The mesh can be easily put.

Extension前 It will take two years If you wait for the hair grow naturally without the extension.
Super- ロングのHair Style |Extension
ロングのHair Style |Extension
When you want to place the mesh, you can immediately use the extension.

Full25750 Jpy
3/420000 Jpy
1/214400 Jpy
1/48750 Jpy
Point(1p)540 Jpy
Other ExtensionVery smallPerm Extension
Full30900 Jpy28850 Jpy
3/424700 Jpy23100 Jpy
1/218500 Jpy17500 Jpy
1/411300 Jpy11850 Jpy
#CalculatePrice (auto) #All Tax included
Remove Price

Extension remove 5000 Jpy
Removes+Shampoo+Blow 5000 Jpy Removes+Shampoo+Cut or Perm
(Technical Price)+2500 Jpy

Amount of B2C extension
(About 80pieces)
It is a standard case and All heads.
(About 60pieces)
Between full and the half.About 60 pieces
(About 40pieces)
Half back etc.
(About 20pieces)
Mesh,Border of the back hair.
An exact charge is not decided by the number of Extension, but is decided by weight. Cut of the extension will be included in the price
'SS' Osaka Umeda ,Kobe Sannomiya B2C Extension

Joins method Knits it with the hand work.It lasts long.
Sense of incompatibilityUlimited and is few.
Tangle degreeComparatively few.
ShampooPossible to wash usually in a little attention.
Floatage condition of rootNot almost.
The time required of joinsTakes about 3-4 hours to apply the whole (full),and it takes about 2-3 hours half.
StrengthAt present, it is the strongest.
PainPulls it for a moment,but not a degree of pain.
Damage of skinNot.
Length of hair necessary possible if there are 4cm.
Hair ironpossible to use it.
Attached partUnremarkable.
Up stylePossible.
Hair DyeDo not dye it by yourself.
Hair ironYou can use.
Removes. Receives it in charge.It is possible to do oneself though it is a little difficult.

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