Point Hair dye

Mesh Hight-tone Color Hair dye
Pink Point Hair dye
Pink Point Hair dye
Blue Point Hair dye

Hi-tone W color
Inner collar pink purple
15,300 yen (including tax)

The color of the base is platinum gray, and the lower half is pink purple. It is fashionable to change the appearance according to its winding and styling. Foreign-like gray-brown hair.

beige brown
Inner collar high tone yellow
¥15300(including tax)

The whole color is bright grayish brown, and the inner collar color is bright yellow. It is a yellow intrinsic color that does not look too much, a unique hair color, not a common color.

Ashu brown
Inner collar pink
13210 yen (including tax)

The pink inner collar is soft grayish brown. When it's straight, it looks different when you use the hot rod's hair. Depending on how you use it, the inner color does not make a bright color at work or at work, and is recommended for anyone to use.